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VrDroidRC Building Log (portable radio tx control with integrated ground station)

I´m going to start testing Roberto´s New VrDroidRC Android app.

To have a platform where I can use my Nexus 7 tablet as a combined Ground Station and radio (using AndroPilot or VrDroidRC), I have made a combined Nexus 7 dock and enclosure to mount the electronics.
 Maybe later VrDroidRC have telemetry and FPV support, so I don´t have to use AndroPilot ?

Here I have mounted a G10 plate and some 30mm standoffs on the back of a Nexus 7 protective back-cover

The other side

The other part, where I have made hole to support an Futaba style TX module and a 3DR 433Mhz telemetry module

From the other side (I´m using an ASSAN TX module in my test setup)
In the other hole I plan to Mount a display showing my TX LiPo status

From the side


Running Roberto´s great app :-)

As it is now, it can be used as a mobile AndroPilot ground station (only need an USB OTG cable between the 3DR telemetry radio and the Nexus 7 tablet).

I´m waiting for some Components that I need to make Roberto´s OpAmp adapter that is needed to Connect the TX module to the mini-jack on the tablet.

I also need a battery (plan to use a 9,6V LiFe Tx battery) to Power the TX module + an 5V UBEC to get 5V for the OpAmp module.

I have used a small USB hub between the Nexus and the 3DR radio, so now I have 3 free USB if I want to test other modules..

I´ll continue when my OpAmp adapter is ready - showing how I made it..

When it is ready, I plan to test The App controlling a quad in a SIM, and if it Works my next test is controlling a Q-BOT micro quad.

Use this forum thread to discuss The app


Sorry about my bad speling..


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