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VR GIMBAL : 3 Axis 32bit Direct Drive Gimbal Hardware is validated #Last Update

Dear Friends,

this is the first test of VR Gimbal that control 3 axis ... it's only pre alpha revision of code. 

At the end of this week 31 / 05 / 2013

We finish to implement the VR Gimbal LT library .

  • The i2c imu with mpu6000 + hmc5883 work fine .
  • The SPI imu with mpu6000 + hmc5883 work fine.
  • The 3 driver motors work fine : we check at different refresh rate and with different qty of force.
  • Radio decoder library work fine : with ppm and ppmsum.
  • AP_LIB work good and save the parameter on internal eeprom .

Now start to implement 

PID control and FORCE control lib ... in this video is possible to see the first revision of firmware with the pre alpha code . Not yet available PID only P control and we are using same code used in the past for contol servo with external potentiometer.

In the next week start to work on complete PID control and absolute control approach.


with this version of firmware we are testing : 

  • if imu on i2c work fine .
  • if the hardware motor work fine .
  • if the 3° axis control work togheter with other axis without problem.
  • if the serial port for setting parameter working fine . We test also wireless control of gimbal and all work fine.
  • if the radio encoder work fine.
  • if the ap_parameter work and is serialize right in eeprom.


All is ok so the board is ready for prodution :) That's good step for us :)


So in this early test on 3° axis we found that we need more force on 3° motor on yaw respect of other 2 axis when we are in limit situation . So wee need to use bigger motors with more couple. 

About the developer sorry for delay but before to confirm the start of pre order we prefer finish to test electronic board of first batch .

For more info check here :


Roberto Navoni

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