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VR BRAIN Enclosure - back stage - Made in Italy


A small testimony of "Italian industrial archeology " some company try to resist .
Now that everyone thinks that is possible to produced only in china ... Italian Makers say No! You can 'and you must try to do something more here in Italy !! Virtualrobotix is a farmless company , so we use small company near us for going in production or some great partner around the world :)
There's the little mounting backstage box of VRBRAIN

The first test was doing by a 3d printer but for produce a pcs it need 4 hours ... with a molder only 30 sec for 4 pcs i need to sell it :) Help me to solve my problem ;)


my RepRap 3DPrinter and first printer test ...

original blog post :




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Comment by Luigi on February 1, 2013 at 10:01am

Hi Roberto,

Congratulations for your courageous and reckless work. I wish you will sell a lot of these beautifull enclosures. Some questions:

1) It seems that there are two version: one for boards with straight pins and one for 90 degrees pins; is this correct ?

2) The enclosure can contain also the gps daughter board?

3) Are they already available and wich is the price ?



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