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VirtualRobotix Telemetry Board OSD , JETI BOX and Long Range GPRS

Dear Friend,

I'm happy to present my last creation :  

This telemetry board use AVR 644P as micro controller the code is developed in C++ using some Arduino library. Great Thanks to Sandro Benigno for OSD routine , and other people that are working on OSD code and other opensource library that I use in my new product.


The Board

  • ATmega644P 20 Mhz with Arduino bootloader
  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
  • Serial that support Jeti RTX telemetry data link.
  • I2C that support Aurora9 RTX telemetry channel (work in progress).
  • GPRS Module for long range comunication that using tcp/ip channel . (option)
  • Serial port that support Mavlink protocol for interconnect board that use that kind of protocol as Arducopter(32) , Arduplane ecc ecc.
  • Is possible to customize the protocol for interrconnection with Mikrokopter , Multiwii or Aeroquad platform and also other platform that you like if you have documentation of comunication protocol.

Is possible to recive the telemetry as overlay of video during the flight or on your prefered Jeti or Aurora radio. Other interface will be implement also on futaba and graupner radio.

All the data available on the quad is visible by telemetry option , we are also working on realtime setting of parameter during the fly directly for example jeti box.

As option is possible to mount GPRS module so you can interconnect your ground station by gprs so in case of lost your quad you can try to found it using long range telemetry module.


The price will be define in the next week and depend of option that you want.

If you have some idea that you would like to see in this product as us if is it possible to implement.



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Comment by Da Col Alessandro on November 23, 2011 at 1:20am

From my experience to use the multirotor in FPV mode flight and video footage
the osd system is very important to represents the data essential extremely readable.

Important data to be displayed on the video are:

- Fly time
- Altimeter
- Velocity
- Battery Voltage
- AHI for driving through vision with stabilized camera system
- RTH distance
- RTH direction
And less important is
- Amp instant
- Amp / Hour
- RSSI level Sygnal
- GPS status
Of interesting is the possibility of set voltage battery status warning limit, distance and RSSI RTH sygnal level limit.
 If this present ( Amp / Hour ) warning limit is important.
 The allarm indication is of fundamental importance, the pilot must be able to read without distraction allowing them to drive safely without "trying".

Comment by Antonio on November 22, 2011 at 9:07pm

I have a Graupner MX-20 with the GR-24 Receiver
I am very interested in your project
can you tell me when you're ready to implement for my RC?


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