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Today we sent the #1 VR 3 axis Gimbal dev kit at first developer :) We are ready ! Now the preorder is open !

The VR Gimbal DEV Board #1 is going in germany :)

Ludwig Färber will be the developer that will receive the first VR 3 axis Gimbal is  this is our donation for his great work on :
What there is in kit :
Hardware :

VR Gimbal :
Micro Controller is STM32F1 at 72 mhz.
3 Axis Brushless Direct Drive gimbal :

  •     Roll    (MOT1)
  •     Pitch  (MOT2)
  •     Yaw    (MOT3)

For each channel we have 3 high power pwm output .

1 USB port.
1 Serial port that support mavlink protocol.
1 Power module that support until 3S battery.
4 Radio RC Input for :

  •     Control ROLL Setup.
  •     Control Pitch Setup.
  •     Control YAW Setup.
  •     IR control repeater.

4 Analog Input 0-3.3v


Inside the VR IMU there are :  MPU6000 (6 DOF) + HMC5883 (3 DOF)

I2C IMU that support 3 axis . It  is on camera module , so we can know exactly the position of camera and control in realtime the 3 Brushless motors.

Cable for inteconnect the VR Gimbal Board with VR 9DOF I2C IMU

A Jumper for put the VR Gimbal in bootload mode.

Firmware :

The bootloader we use maple bootloader ported on VR Gimbal board.
On board we put first 32 bit release of BruGi 049B r69 (Martinenz board's firmware) . This version of firmware ,  support only 2 axis gimbal , the 3axis version is coming. All the boards is yet ready and tested for 3 axis managment.

Software :
We develop a VRGimbal Gui .net it's compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit.

What do you need :

You need to download the Universal ide  follow this link  :

And also need a ttl <-> usb converter

as this one :

We are working on usb serial will be available in the end user product. The hardware will be the same will be only update the serial library.

Today we open pre order for first 20 pcs  of board . We'll send a  mail to first 75 developer that ask me to reserve the VR Gimbal.
The revision for end user will be available in some weeks a new batch is in production .

Some usefull link :

The code repository here you can find workspace with library and code and also VR Gimbal GUI.

This is official VR Gimbal User Group join us for updates about the project:

for buy or reserve your VR 3 Axis gimbal send a request here :

You will be inform about the status of the stocks .

The price for developer is updated to a promotional price of  95 euro for fist 20 VR Gimbal Dev Kit .

The end user price will be for 2 Axis Gimbal of 120 euro and for 3 Axis Gimbal of 165 euro.

Roberto Navoni

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Comment by matthew burton on July 2, 2013 at 10:21pm

Is there a forum thread for this I want to learn more about the system.

If possible join my facebook group and help the comunity :)

Comment by Giovanni Gebbia on June 25, 2013 at 11:57pm

Hi Roberto, how can I do to sign me in the pre-order list of VR-gimbal?

Comment by Mariano Bustos on June 13, 2013 at 5:31am

Hi all, what is the hole diameter and distance between both on IMU board?

Comment by Roberto Navoni on June 12, 2013 at 11:02pm

Hi Guys ... thanks for you orders . We are going out of stock in 6 hours :) After 24 hours we are in back order for around 100 boards :)
I'm very happy that you like our new products :)
So Elisa with her staff reply to all your email ... don't worry :)
At the moment we close the Pre Order will be reopen in 1 week .
If you need more info and update join here :
We are working to support page for first developer will be up in 2-3 days for doing a good support to the developer .

Comment by emanuelec on June 12, 2013 at 10:23am

Great, Roberto! Keep up the good work! ;)


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