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Some Update about VR Micro Brain and VRX3XX frame: a fully automatic advanced follow me, time of flight 27 min and weigth less 1kg

With VR Micro Brain 5 is possible to develop very light fully autonomous drones , in last months i developed different kind of prototype the main targets was :

- Very light platform only 439 gr.

- With support of micro brushless gimbal 150 gr. 

- Support of automatic fly support with high reliability after a lot of test i   developed new kind of technology :

  • a new GPS : VR GPS 8 based on new generation of Ublox 8.
  • a new VR Leash a device for full control of drone in very simple way.
  • a new VR micro gimbal 2-3 axis based on nuttx OS with native mavlink support.

- My last target is a long time flight , the first revision of micro drone flew for only 8-10 minutes , now with last updates , new custom motor propeller and battery our time of flight is 27 minutes :)

This is the video of early version of new frame for long time of flight , need to solve some vibration problem i doing all test using EKF and APM Copter 3.2rc12 all work very well.

The next week will be present the new very nice and light frame for our Micro Brain from VR Mechatronic Lab :)

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