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Secret picture from VR LAB : VR micro Brain 5.1 is coming ..... The micro drone revolution is started today :) The smaller and powerfull VRX platform available ever

Dear Friends,

today we going in production with the first batch of micro brain 5.1 board. After see some micro drone based on vrbrain fly , we decide to support the development of this great platform ... so we start to develop a special revision of VRbrain 5  for this kind of products where the small dimension and low weight are very important factor.

This is fully total autonomous platform available for micro drone.

These are the specification : 

CPU STM32F4 VR OS based on NuttX kernel.

1 EEPROM or FRAM device for parameter storage. 


MSIC Barometer 10 cm resolution.  

8 PPM Radio RC Input .

8 PWM ESC - SERVO Output.

1 SBUS Radio Input compatible with Futaba SBUS and Spektrum ,too

1 SBUS Servo Output.

SD Card Reader 


2 LED Output 

1 Buzzer Output 

On board telemetry module availabe at 433 / 868 mhz. (option) 

connector for external VR GPS + MAGNETOMETER

dimension 4x4 .

native support of APM Firmware : 

APM Copter 

APM Plane

APM Rover 

Custom firmware available for boat and Paramotor Drone.

I think that special new mode ad hybrid loiter and drift are very interesting for these great toys :) 

some example of micro drone developed by Tommyleo and AleBS

Some info and example are available on italian forum baronerosso :

This is the video doing by Bandit with a micro squid 

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Comment by Roberto Navoni on May 4, 2014 at 11:52pm

Hi Enrico no you have 8 wire for 8 channel .... PWM is accepted as default.

The same of VRBrain 4.5

Comment by Enrico Bazan on May 4, 2014 at 2:07pm

I read: "8 PPM Radio RC Input"; does this mean that to manage PWM radio inputs signal conversion will be needed?

TNX, enrico

Comment by Wojciech Batog on April 25, 2014 at 7:22pm

Looks great:)
Any info about pricing and its older brother VR Brain5.0 ?

Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on April 25, 2014 at 3:45pm

This is great news and perfect timing for my miniquad project :-)


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