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Quadcopter with Kinect doing altitude hold and obstacle avoidance (Chris DiyDrones)

More from the Berkeley team we wrote about earlier, now with better documentation. From I Heart Robotics: "Patrick Bouffard from the Hybrid Systems Lab at UC Berkeley has done a great job documenting the ROS 3D Contest entry shown below. So it should be easy to reproduce the results if you are lucky enough to have access to a Kinect and an AscTec Pelican quadrotor."


They also note that Ascending Technologies is offering a 15,000 Euro sponsorship for a team doing UAV research. Proposals due by February 13th.


And I can't help but notice that there's a bit of Berkeley robotics cluster forming. Along with all the UC Berkeley research, there's DIY Drones, Berkeley Bionics (exoskeleton makers), 510 Systems (who made Google's robotic streetview cars) and the work at theLawrence Berkeley National Lab.

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