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Inspired by Robertos "open top" frame I have modified my CTX4 frame design to get open top and top mounted LiPo CTX4 V2


Some Pictures created using SketchUp

The frame uses 16mm carbon tubes and tube clamps from

Have moved the LiPo plate to show the open top.

In this frame I plan to use a GoPro or other small camera in the front as FPV cam.
If I want to use it for film/photo, I mount a landing gear that have a brushless gimbal and VR Gimbal Controller.


Here is my CTX4 V1 that was used in my loiter test video

I plan to use:

Step 1

VR Brain 4.5  (+ external IMU when it is supported)
APM 2.5 Power module to get 5V and measure LiPo voltage and ampere usage

3DR 433Mhz telemetry radio modules
30A SimonK ESC

Step 2
FPV camera and 5,8Ghz TX

Step 3
Landing gear
Brushless gimbal (GoPro)
VR Gimbal Controller


Step 4
2 way video switch, so I can switch between FPV and GoPro using a radioswitch.


Step 5



If any interest, I plan to create a build log where I describe things step by step in a way so new user may find some help + make a forum thread where you can ask questions or give me hints about what I should do another way (I´m not a pro)



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Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on August 26, 2013 at 9:11pm

Hi Emilie
V1 = 1125g without LiPo and 1400g With a 4000mAh 3s LiPo
frame + ESC + motor + Controller + GPS + RX + 3DR 433Mhz TX + prop + LiPo alarm + powerdistributon..

Have done some modifications on the V2 design:

I plan to use 1,5mm carbon plates on V2 (not G10 like V1)

Next step is to test and configure my new VR Brain + APM Power module...

Comment by emile on August 23, 2013 at 9:56pm

Nice well done Oyvind!

How muche does the V1 weight?

Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on August 21, 2013 at 3:18pm

I'm going to do some small modifications before it is ready for the next step (CNC)


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