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Multipilot32 - Ardupilot32 Weekly Update #2

Dear Friends,

In this week , I'm working to port APM_ADC , APM_RC , APM_EEPROM , WIRE and other library to Arm Platform .  We' add the support of Radio reciver, gyro and acc sensor that using SPI bus. EEPROM .

We're ready to fly. We need some debug on i2c bus and start to do preflight check.

In the picture you can see my first proto of Quadfox that using Arm Cortex3 Microcontroller instead of AVR 8 bit. So at the end of this week i recived the first Multipilo32 , then I have yet ready a lot of code to test on it.





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Comment by Sandro Benigno on January 26, 2011 at 1:50am

Wooshhh...  72Mhz to 120Mhz is a remarkable jump too.

Now, Arduino need to change from Uno to Arduino Nitro. :P

I read an article, some time ago, comparing ARM chips with Intel ones.

Seems that ARM born to be UAV... great speed with efficient use of energy.

Awesome work, from the choice to the coding, Roberto!

Best regards

Comment by Roberto Navoni on January 26, 2011 at 12:49am

:) I love write 'C' code ... I spent a lot of time to rewrite code ...or arrange original Arducopter Lib :) Arduino wrapper help me to port the code on arm :) I'm very happy for these result ... :)

Yes I'm using an ARM Cortex M3 , the micro that I'm using now will be update to M4 ,too now we're at 72 Mhz the next revision will be 120 Mhz ... :)



Comment by Sandro Benigno on January 26, 2011 at 12:37am

Roberto, you're faaaaaassst!

Wow! I realize just now that the board will use Cortex M3.

I thought were ARM7, the old generation. Is that right?


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