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Latest Firmware test -

Today I had my second test flight with the latest Firmware.

The results are incredible. The quad was very stable and solid also on very hard manouvres.The improvements are beyond my expectations.
You judge:

The Board tested was the VRIMUFULL with the MP32V3F1 and the BMP085 barometer.

Recent changes include:


- Updated default values for Stabilization
- Changed main loop timing.
- Fixed a memory bug.

This is the port of the Arducopter 2.6 firmware. Thanks to the original developers.

Still ALT_HOLD and GPS must be improved.
To choose your board in the config.h fie you have these options
(please comment with // what you don't need):

BOARD selection:
#define CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE MP32V1F1 //old board (rev. 1)
#define CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE MP32V3F1 //new board


GYRO and ACCELS selection:
#define INS_VRIMUFULL //standard sensors
#define INS_MPU6000 //new MPU6000 sensor


#define CONFIG_BARO AP_BARO_MS5611 //new barometer
#define CONFIG_BARO AP_BARO_BMP085 //old barometer


#define CONFIG_MAG MP32NAVYSENSOR //standard board
#define CONFIG_MAG MP32NAVY2012 //new board with GPRS and dataflash
Once uploded please follow these steps:


1. In CLI mode SETUP --> erase and Reset.
2. Calibrate Radio
3. Calibrate compass by arming (without propellers!) and turning the copter on all axes.
4. Level and check that all variables are consistent.


The default parameters are based on my quad and my experience.

Please tune for your copter.
This firmware was tested with VRIMUFULL + MP32V3F1 + MPU6000 and VRIMUFULL + MP32V3F1 + STANDARD SENSORS

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Comment by Roberto Navoni on April 24, 2012 at 5:54pm

Small upgrade , today we found the bug on cam roll pin and solve. :) Emile if you can check it in your revision of code and then upgrade and upload it,too

Thank to Alberto V. for his help on F4 and also on this bug. Our team work very good :)



Comment by marcomasiero on April 23, 2012 at 11:09am

the flight and possible manouvers are now really impressive ! compliments !


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