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How I turned my Futaba T10 radio into a pro level telemetry radio

Earlier my plan was to mount my Galaxy Nexus 7» tablet on my radio, but I decided that the Nexus7 is too large and heavy for this.

Therefore, I decided to use my Samsun Galaxy S III phone in this project. I have used the same type of back cover so it is simple to add/remove the phone on the radio.

On the back of the Galaxy S III back cover, I have mounted a 433Mhz 3DR telemetry radio module in a small plastic box. Then all you need is a USB OTG cable to connect the 3DR radio to the phone.

Ready to go

Without the phone

From the side - have used an FPV monitor Mount from goodluckbuy, that I have modified

From the rear, showing the 3DR telemetry radio mounted on the backcover.

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Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on May 16, 2013 at 10:20am

This is a fine solution if you mostly plan to use the telemetry to get messages about flight mode.. tuning in the field.. , but I think the display is a bit small for UAV use where you set waypoints..
So my next step is to do a test mounting my Nexus 7 in the same way (looking forward to Roberto’s new app).
Depending on what I need, I then in a simple way (2 screws) can change from a setup using my Galaxy SIII to a full UAV setup using my Nexus 7


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