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Cyclops The Ultimate FPV / UAV fixed wing platform

Asia Tech Drones is a supplier of FPV / UAV fixed wing aircraft and support equipment.

Introducing the Cyclops Hobby UAV / FPV plane.

Cyclops Specifications and Performance

Cruise Speed > 28 knots
Max speed ~ 68 knots
Stall speed @4.3 lbs ~ 11 knots
Climb Rate > 2000 ft/min
Wingspan ~ 106.5 in
Wing area ~ 608.7 sq in
Fuselage Length ~ 46.2 in
Dry weight ~ 2.8 lbs
Loaded weight ~6.1 lbs (3.0 lbs of Lipo / Payload)
Flight duration > 3 hours (payload dependent)
Configuration options included in kit: T Tail & V Tail, Belly Wheel

This is the ultimate in a DIY Fixed Wing airframe that will give you all the flexibility and performance to do whatever you may want to in the FPV or UAV activities.

The Cyclops is actually Two Planes in one kit.

Materials: EPO Foam - Wings, Fuselage and Tail; Carbon Fiber - Tail boom, Wing spars and Tail support components; Plywood - Internal structure & support; Plastic – Misc. parts.

Fully Composite Version Cyclops available soon.

Recommended & Optional Hardware NOT included: 
(6) 12-17g metal gear, digital servos. Motor: Foxtech W48-30 kv370 or .10 -.15 size motor; ESC 40-60 amp; BEC =/>5 amp; 6s LiPo Batteries; (2) 9g Servos for P/T camera; (1) 9g Servo for Pan of Belly camera; Nose Camera, Belly Camera, Tx, APM Autopilot.

Introductory / Pre-order price: $175 (first 1200 kits only) 
Regular price: $200 *Does NOT include shipping.

Additional info contact: Asia Tech Drones S.A. Email:

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