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Almost done :-)

I do not use bullet connectors on the ESC to motor cables, so I connect the cables like this while testing.
First, I test if the rotation directions are correct, by connecting the “servo” cable to the throttle channel on my rx. If the rotation direction is wrong, I swap two of the three cables between ESC and motor.

My ESC`s are flashed with SimonK, so before I disconnect the RX, I calibrate the ESC. Disconnect LiPo, set throttle on TX to full, connect LiPo (beeps), set throttle to low (new beeps) – finished
Test the motor (adjust throttle up/down) to check that all is ok.
Do this with all motors.

When done, I solder all the cables, and isolate using shrink tube.
Have soldered the LiPo cables from the ESC`s + the APM power module to a power pcb

Have mounted the frame without the top plate

On the top plate, I have mounted GPS and a housing with the external IMU (compass) on the top, and the VRBrain below (using vibration mounts)

I have mounted my 3DR 433 Mhz telemetry radio in the back
Below the red motor mounts I use Bright Light LED strip
Below the black motor mounts I`m going to use bright white LED strips (have ordered from ebay)
The LEDS are controlled using the two LED outputs on my great VRBrain controller. 
Red LED`s indicate if I have 3D GPS fix
White LED`s for armed/disarmed..

+ I`m going to add a buzzer to the VRBrain buzzer output.

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Comment by Oyvind Amundsen on October 11, 2013 at 10:48am

Thank you Jiro

I`m using a ublox LEA-6h GPS (3DR) without compass + VRBrain with the external IMU module (compass++)
I was not able to fit the GPS + IMU module in the black enclosure + I wanted to get the compass away from the other electronics..


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