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16 Feb Official Presentation of MultiPilot32 (Weekly Update #5)

Dear Friends,

Ardupilot32 is Alive , I start to make some prototipe , the first to board assembled work fine , this week i don't prepare a video with a Weekly update because i'm working on a lot of thinks.

I'm working on IDE , On Bootloader , I'm working on Wrapper for Arduino compatibility, I'm working on testing hardware , the OilPan interface ... a lot lot of thinks ...

So I open a official repo with a raw code of my project ,some source code , ide that i'm using , some startup info ... I hope that for the next week i have some time to update doc and info on the board.

In the last two day I start t o upgrade the last revision of xduino for support Ardupilot32 , It'snt mature project .. don't support i2c , spi , pwm . But is a good point of start for my work.

If some one would help me That's is good , on the official thread you can found link to last code :

I need some help to write optimezed low level drive. Need Help for developing Ide plugin , Need Help for chosing better and cheaper platform for 16 Feb Podcast.


Roberto Navoni (FOX TEAM)



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