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VR Telemetry Board

VR Telemetry Board.

VR telemetry board OSD Technical specification:

  • ATmega644P 20 Mhz with Arduino bootloader
  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
  • Serial Port that support Jeti RTX telemetry data link.
  • I2C that support Aurora9 RTX telemetry channel (work in progress).
  • GPRS Module for long range comunication using tcp/ip channel . (option)
  • Serial Port supporting Mavlink protocol to interconnect boards using it

Possible data Displayed

  • Fly time
  • Altimeter
  • Velocity
  • Battery Voltage
  • AHI to pilote by means of a stabilized camera system
  • RTH distance
  • RTH direction
  • Amp instant
  • Amp / Hour
  • RSSI level Sygnal
  • GPS status

Supplying documentation of comunication protocol it is possible to customize the protocol to interconnect to other type of platforms.
It is possible to receive the telemetry as an overlay of video during the flight or on radio device, (Jeti,Aurora).

Other interface will be implement also on Futaba and Graupner radio.
All the data available on the quad are visible on telemetry display (option)
Realtime setting of parameter during the flight directly.

As an option it is possible to mount a GPRS module to interconnect the ground station by GPRS (in case of
lost the quad can be found using the long range telemetry module).

Price :  119 euro

GPRS ( Option ) price : TBD


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