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Multipilot32F4 (v3.0)


The characteristics of Multipilot32F4 are:


  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor STM32F407VET6. 168 Mhz
  • Flash 1024 Kbytes RAM 196 Kbytes
  • 16-bit Timer 4
  • SPI 2 (ADC Interface , MicroSD connection Option)
  • I ² C 2 (First I2C (sensor), Second I2C control until ESC 12)
  • USART 5 (GPS, DEBUG Console, XBee Pro Telemetry)
  • USB 1 (Upload Firmware, Debug Console, Power Board for Debug)
  • CAN 1 (Interconnection with Professional ESC 1 Mbit update rate)
  • 6 PWM Output Bit 16 (ESC / Servo Control)
  • 8 PWM Input 16 Bit (RC Input Channel, accept PPM SUM)
  • 8 Analog Input 12 Bit.
  • Professional 4 layers PCB.
  • DC: DC 30 V (6s Lipo): 5 volts and 3.3 volts

Sensor Board:

  • Diydrones OilPan? . (High quality entry level board)
  • NAVY 2012
  • LN Professional Sensor Board: 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis
  • Magnetometer , 10 HZ Gps , High Quality Sensor for certify professional application.

IDE and Development tools:

  • Arduino IDE.
  • Arm GCC Toolchain.
  • Fully compatible with arduino wiring language.


On this platform will be available a lot of RC library developed by Virtualrobotix and Diydrones community. Standard software will be an improved revision of Arducopter , Ardupilot , Multiwii , Aeroquad . The first revision of code will be Arducopter NG . MultiFox?Rev 4 special Arm Edition.

Special Feature :

  • Multipilot32F4  is fully pinout compatible with ArduPilotMega DiyDrones Board.
  • OEM revision of Multipilot32F4 available.
  • * Micro SD card is not yetsupported hardware connector is an option , is possible to buy it and solder on board , the firmware support will be available in the next months.

The module available and price follow :

MP32F4 125,00 euro

MP32F1 85,00 euro 

* this revision use STM32F103 the firmware is yet available.

The MPU6000 Option is available as option at 35,00 euro

MP32F4-IMU 160,00 euro

MP32F1-IMU 120,00 euro

NAVY 2012 110 euro

Available special offer for Developer , University Project  and Students

This price include tax (italy 20% VAT)

For order send a mail to

For more technical info contact :

Main Thread :

Status of the project :

Power Point Presentation of Multipilot32

Getting started usefull information about the board , tools ,libary and firmware available for developing code on Multipilot32

Preflight Check Discussion Thread for ArduPirates32 and ArmFox V4 32


Advanced autopilot board VR BRAIN ARM Cortex M4 168 mhz board is available. 

Check here :


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