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VR GIMBAL : 3 Axis 32bit Direct Drive Gimbal is in Stock !!! 8 Comments

This is main board normally put on Gimbal frame near the Quad .  This is the two options imu available normally is on camera module:  2 axis with 3 accelerometer and 3 gyroscope 3 magneto… View »

VR Neuron - Linux Board - (V 1.0)

The characteristics of VR neuron are: Hardware: The VNeuron features include:   iMX233 ARM926J processor at 454Mhz 64 MB RAM SD-card connector for booting the Linux image TV PAL/NTSC… View »

VR BRAIN (v4.5)

The characteristics of VR Brain are: Hardware: The VBrainautopilot features include: 168Mhz ARM CortexM4F microcontroller with DSP and floating-point hardware acceleration. 1024KiB of flash me… View »

First Italian Virtual Robotix Workshop 2 Comments

Find more photos like this on FOXTEAM UAV CLAN     View »

Learning Center

Technical Docs about VR Brain (MP32) VR IMU and more : di discussione dedicata al supporto di Multipilot32 e VRIMU , contiene documenti in lingua ital… View »

Multipilot32F4 (v3.0)

  The characteristics of Multipilot32F4 are: Hardware: ARM Cortex-M4 processor STM32F407VET6. 168 Mhz Flash 1024 Kbytes RAM 196 Kbytes 16-bit Timer 4 SPI 2 (ADC Interface , MicroSD connection… View »

VR Distribution Board

Power Distribution for MP32+VRIMU On the board is available : 1 Lipo Input 8-30 volt 8 Output power for Motor ESC. 1 BEC 5 volt 5 amp for supply power to servo. 1 High Amp digital switch. 1 Voltage… View »

VR Telemetry Board

VR Telemetry Board. VR telemetry board OSD Technical specification: ATmega644P 20 Mhz with Arduino bootloader MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display Serial Port that support Jeti RTX telemetry data l… View »



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