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Have been testing this module on a quanton controller the last days (inside the house).

At daytime I was able to get 3D fix inside the house, but in the evening I get no GPS signal at all.

Today I´m testing my VRBRAIN (updated software..) combined with my 3DR GPS LEA6 module, and got 3D Fix and 8 sats inside the house without any problems, and very fast (at the same place where I tested Quanton yesterday)

So my experience is that the LEA6 is superior compared to 6M

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Found this over at the phoenixpilot forum:
i believe the advantage of 6h over 6m is outside USA application... it seems to me 6m works just as goon as 6h in USA.. but had multiple reports that 6m does not provide enough accuracy in other areas.. I suspect the GPS focuses more in US territory than other countries.. so that glonass and other positioning systems might assist to provide better coverage/accuracy 

So it seems like what GPS module you should use Depends on where you live.

I live in Norway, and in the evening the LEA6 is way better then 6m when it coms to getting 3D fix (doing test´s inside the house)

Great if you reply with :
- what GPS module you use
- where you live

- what results you get



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