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I have a problem with connecting the microbrain to MP using the original microtelemetry module on the microbrain, and this module on PC win8. I go in initial setup > optional hardware > 3DR  radio. I select COM7 (silicon labs.....USB to UART....), baudrate 57600, than click load settings, copy to remote, upload fw (local). When I have a message "success" I try to connect, but I have an timeout error. Maybe Im doing something wrong, Im very new to vr brain and MP, (less than one week, 3DR clone telemetry today).

I also have problems with connecting microbrain to VR pad on sony xperia compact via USB. When I pres connect, I have a voice message "connect", but the icon turns yellow, and the microbrain is not connected, than I disconnect, unplug the power and restart VR pad, after I connect it on PC via MP, and than connect it again on VR pad, without unplugging the power, I have a successful connection. This procedure works every time. Tomorrow I will try on another phone.

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Problem solved. Looks like I have a bad contact between microbrain and microtelemety, because the housing was pressing on the telemetry module. I wanted to try another module on microbrain to see if it works. After I disassembled the CF homemade housing for microbrain to change the module, I try again to connect it via telemetry to MP and the connection was successful, so I add some washers to the spacers to have some more mm of space, and now telemetry work great on MP and VR pad. I didnt try to connect it via usb on VR pad, but now I dont need this connection anymore :)

I hope that other can learn from my error.

Perfect , great news , enjoy with your new telemetry module :)





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