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Dear Friends,
In this section of the forum you can tell who you are, what are your hobbies, and your experience in developing firmware, hardware, frame. In the creation of documentation, management of other community, coordination of activities' of the project. Put your link at your blog , facebook page , twitter , Etc. Etc. If you prefer you can insert your presentation in your Blog Page on Virtual Robotix and send the link in this thread.


Roberto Navoni

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Thank Spartacus , Welcome in our family :) Yes normaly in this days for finish to check multipilot firmware i stop to work at 3.00 AM /4.00 AM



Online I am known by my Pseudonyme, Corvus Corax.  (lat. raven)

I am a student of computer science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and I am majoring in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. My thesis is going to be UAV based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)- optical navigation and collission avoidance based on camera images and a self built envornment map that is used to locate both the UAV itself and other stationary and mobile objects in surrounding 3d space.


I am working on the fixed wing flight control code of the OpenPilot UAV control solution (as well as a few other things. I wrote a simulation environment to run our flight firmware on a pc for simulation purposes (good for developing and debugging) and did some work on our GCS (like HiTL simulation links to flight simulators )


You can see some of my flight control code in action here:


Great Work ,

in Arducopter project we're doing similar things withx xplane and flight gear. It's very usefull for debug navigation algorithm without fly is possible to debug a lot.

OpenPilot is a great project , i see the copter control board and i think that is a good entry level.

I check the schematics and i saw that is simple to port openpilot on multipilot board.

I'm working on our hardware for improve it . We're working for develop a firmware and hardware for a entry level user until Advanced User .

So I'm interest to slam navigation . What about it ? I'm evaluate what kind of cpu put on our quad for test ROS and SLAM framework .


I'll be able to tell you that after a bit more research. I spoke with a couple of guys who do ground based robotics, and they say to do realtime video based object detection and tracking at the speeds needed during flight, a 900 MHz x86 CPU (or something equivalent) is required, though it might help to have a dedicated low end GPU chip which can do most of the filtering if you can program it. (I'm not aware that OpenCV could do that though)

It's all those first few steps - filtering, edge/feature detection, point of interest detection and classification that need to crunch a lot of data very fast - beyond that its high level features that don't need that much CPU or bandwidth anymore and where you can optimize a lot, but where all the interesting bits lay :)

Hi All,

My name is Alessandro, I'm Italian and I am doing the graduation thesis in informatic engineer.

I'm crazy for all that is R/C controlled (cars, planes, helicopters...), but I am new to the great world of UAV. 

In my thesis I'm studying IMU platforms with MEMS inertial sensors and GPS.

At the moment I'm working to my first personal multirotor (the Ar Drone), then I would transform my Easy Star in a UAV and finally I will use the Mikrokopter solution at my university for aerial photogrammetry. 


Best Regards and sorry if my english not so good, I'll do the best to improve it!



Welcome to FoxTeam Alessandro :)

Hello, my name is Rui Marques and I'm 37 years old, from Portugal.

I'm a computer technician and I restarted studying 2 years ago starting a License Degree in Computer Engineering. I don't master anything but I'm a bit into everything :) I do some programming in C, C++, Java, .NET, SQL, Assembly. In my early days I've programmed in Cobol, VBasic, Clipper and Pascal, and it was a bit confusing entering the Object Oriented languages, but managed to.

I love everything regarding technology and I'm very curious. I must always have some kind of challenge in my life that makes me think and learn. I also love mathematics and it's misteries even tough I don't master it. I had no previous experience in aero RC and the quad was my first attempt, wich has been going well. I also like RC cars, especially rock crawlers... those suspensions amaze me :) I have 2 beautifull Tamya F 350 with 3 gearbox all pimped up. For my quad, wich I hope will become a successfull drone, I'm using both Ardupilot board and Multipilot 32 board and an Oilpan (for now). If I can help anyone with anything, I'll sure try to.

Hi all,

my name is Jan Vervoorst and currently I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I started with Arducopter and AR.Drone as a fun/research project last summer and am now awaiting delivery of my first MP32 board. I hope to use the power of the ARM processor to implement more complex control algorithms that will deliver better flight performance and stability for multirotor platforms. My specific focus is on robust and adaptive controllers.

adaptative control is great :) wish you luck


Hi ,

 I am Anish , I'm based in UK and I work as a cloud/crypto/security expert. I do love everything technology related and admit to being  very curious. I do have good understanding of electronics, programming ( stopped programming a decade ago for anything to do with living), mathematics/algorithms ( phd thesis in topic related to this)

I also do amit to being intersted in all things R/C controlled (cars - baja (electric conversion done) to traxaas to 1/8 electric, planes (trainer and cloud fly), heli's (msr , blade 450 and razor 500)). My experiments with quads include AR drone , two quads and a hex ( APM, multiwii and FY90Q).

I spend a bit of time on DIYDrones and followed Roberto across to see his exploits :)


My name is Sam, I'm from Italy and total neewb in the UAV. I'm a software engineer so I'm more interested in this view point than the hardware/modeling tweaking. I heard that there was a Java ground station initiative in this community and I would be please to help... if I don't soil a finger or two assembling my first quad.

See ya

Hello i am andoko gunawan from indonesia,

I just recently beginning to fly multirotor, and for the quest of looking an ARM autopilot, i found this community.

My basic is software engineer, so i think i have to learn much. 

I am interested in developing ARM based solution, although i have much to learn :)

Hope i can help,





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