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Dear Friends,
In this section of the forum you can tell who you are, what are your hobbies, and your experience in developing firmware, hardware, frame. In the creation of documentation, management of other community, coordination of activities' of the project. Put your link at your blog , facebook page , twitter , Etc. Etc. If you prefer you can insert your presentation in your Blog Page on Virtual Robotix and send the link in this thread.


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Hello, i am Eduardo Lavratti from Brasil (aka AGRESSiVA on RCG)

I am working with multirotor about 3 years and fly with helis about 4 years.

I have high skills in electronics and good know how in microcontroller programming.

I flyed several platforms like UAVP, UAVX, MK, KK, xaircraft, arducopter, multi wii and other´s ...


That i know, i am reference in multirotor here in Brasil.

I am the oldest developer in multirotor here in my country.

My hobby is music and electronics and now multirotor development.

Here are me BLOG -


regards and sorry for my poor english...

Hi and Zdrastvuyte, i am Yadgarov Timur from Russia aka TjediAI

I am not spy, i dont known Putin, i am software engineer
i do automation for power rotary machines (compressors, turbines)
have graduation in aerial vehicles control and automation
i love innovations and looking for it

Time ago i do PC modding, light robot programming,

i have too small time for it, financial crysis kill many my time


Its be my first copter...

i look for alternatives solutions and like experimental project , but at first copter i use classical construction 


i want be a member of os team

i am sorry for my english =)


PS i love Beer, Bear my country and dislike politics



My name is Marco, I'm a journalist and a photographer.

In 2003 I founded a photo magazine and after few years of hard work it became my job. ( )

All you can see online on is hand written by me including configuring and mantaining the server ( linux ). Web development, programming and dealing with linux machine is not a problem.


I have very strong interest in new technology and new things in general ... I'm very curious.


Robotics, drone and multirotor is a new hobby for me ...


That's all ... see you soon!



Hi All


I'm Masimo Di Stefano

after a master degree in environmental science i focused my interest in open source GIS development.

I'm a founder member of GFOSS [0] and the Italan liason officher for the OSGeo foundation [1].

In 2009 i developed "PlanetSasha" [2] as a google summer of code project

Actually i'm a Research Assistant III at WHOI [3] to develop a software for underwater image acquisition and realtime visualization (integrated in PlanetSasha) to handle the data produced by the HabCam [4]


My prefferred programming language is Python and i just sturt some months ago to play with an arduino diecimila board.


My main interest is to develop an UAV Ground Station sw based on OssimPlanet and PlanetSasha with the ability to generate in realtime georeferenced image using UAV for image acquisition








Hi all,
I'm Danilo, I believe I was one of the first in Italy to make a ARM based multirotor

 To be honest it was just an experiment, to reach the professional services (GPS hold, and waypoint navigation ) there is still much work to do.

  However, was a great experience and I am happy with the result


This is my "ArmQuad"



I am proud to join this group full of very competent people






my nik is Pipposoft
My name is Joseph D'Angelo, I live in Naples ITALY
I am 46 years old, I like anything that flies, are pilot Helicotteri 3D MODEL
I'm a professional technician AF, I do not know but I'd like to learn to program, I was blown away by these wonderful machines which multirotori, and a few years ago I built HG3, Quadricottero a giant scale powered by a single electric motor and I think the first Copy quadricottero pitch.
I am following with interest the growth of the Fox team, and when I can give you a hand in testing

il mio nik è Pipposoft
mi chiamo Giuseppe D'Angelo, vivo a Napoli ITALY
ho 46 anni, mi piace tutto ciò che vola, sono modelllista pilota di Helicotteri 3D
faccio il Tecnico AF di professione, non so programmare ma mi piacerebbe imparare, sono stato rapito da queste macchine favolose quali i multirotori, e qualche anno fa ho costruito HG3, un Quadricottero in scala gigante alimentato da un'unico motore elettrico e credo il primo esemplare di quadricottero a passo variabile.
Seguo con interesse la crescita del Fox Team, e quando posso do una mano nella sperimentazione

My name is Paul, I work in a company's telephone system (installation and maintenance of ADSL router).
I have discovered the multirotori following the forum on the Red Baron, and these days I started building my first model.


Translated by google.


Mi chiamo Paolo, lavoro in una ditta di impianti telefonici (installazione e manutenzione di router adsl).
Ho scoperto i multirotori seguendo il forum su Barone Rosso e ho cominciato in questi giorni la costruzione del mio primo modello.

Hi. I'm a researcher and working mainly on software. I'm very new to multirotor UAV. I have a few knowledge on hardware but am interested on firmware and hardware. I also have some experience on mission planning software. I discovered this community from DIYDrones.

Hi All,

My name is Elie; I am an electronic engineer (specialise in ATE). I am new to UAV. I am French but currently living and working in the UK.

My main hobbies are Diving and Photography.

I Speak French and English; I am currently learning Italian (as an other hobby), and can spaek a bit of german

Best Regards,



Hi all,

I am Olivier from France. My first hobby is flying  RC models, especially sailplane that I have been flying for some years now... My second hobby is embeded software development and electronics for RC.  

One year ago, I discovered multikopter (Mikrokopter, kkopter) and coudln't resist :).  I have now 2 mikrokopters and one kkopter (simple but good also).

I enjoy  Real time operating systems, linux, awesome, gvim ... ;) and C/C++.

I look forward playing with STM32 as it has lot of intersting features  for  kopters and other RC applications, but I  need to rampup and setup my environment for STM32.


Hello All,

My favorite nickname is Spartacus but my first name is Mario.
I was born in Italy but I leaving in France near from the beginning of my life.

I am Ph. doctor in Computer science. I have been researcher and teacher some time ago .
Now I am acting as Software Engineer in a WW Compagny but more PowerPoint than anything else ! Grrr!

Few years ago, I have found my escape way in the RC aircraft Hobby.
I am flying F3A and some 3D figures without pretentions.

I have also started with a glow Raptor 50 helicopter this past autumn and I hope to be able to do some acrobatics by the end of this year.

In my RC club, two multicopters recently appeared, one quadro based on KK card and one hexa Mikrocopter.
Looking on the web to have more informations on these equipments, I discovered a bulk of UAV projects !

This was a big bang in my face ! I was very far to imagine that so many stuff were available to the hobbyist.

I was particularly following the ArduCopter project and the awesome contribution done by Roberto focus my interest. Sure this guy is not sleeping the night ! It is impossible to do so many things without that ! :=)

My project is to set-up my own quadrocopter with enhanced capacities for photos and videos shooting.

I have a lot to learn from this community and this is exiting me a lot !

AVE from Spartacus ! :=))



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