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As mentioned in my other thread I have converted my quad to an octaquad. I am now using a taranis on SBus, and this all looks good on the radio cal page.

firmware loaded with mission planner.

initially I thought it was wiring yesterday so I rewired completely with a star ground rather than multidrop for all pwm grounds to escs.

Before thinking it was wiring yesterday I looked at those logs and it showed that the code though it was applying throttle to all 8 motors in the rcout logs, so I am confident its an octa firmware.

When armed rear two lower motors don't spin, but all escs "arm" with blue LED (ultraescs, they show green led if input disconnected or if pwm too high after power up and blue if pwm connected/throttle zero). When using motor test same two motors don't spin. I swapped the uBrain esc outputs to swap motors/escs on the same arm and the motor that spins swaps, so it isn't esc or motor.  

since rewire today I have checked with ohm meter between uBrain pcb contact on header to signal on soldered contact to esc for both ground and signal and is all connected.

Any suggestions?



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Hi Stuart ,

now i'm out of office , tomorrow i can ask to Luca to check i think that could be that 7 and 8 is also channel for gimbal ... is possible to configure at 50 hz or 490  , normally when it use for Okcta is disable .

Could be related to this option . 

Tomorrow check .



Thanks Roberto,

It's sunday :) tomorrow is fine, I have put it down for the day now :).

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.


Hi Stuart,

i discuss with Luca about your iusse , we doing some test here in our lab on okta quad configuration , we plan today to release a new revision and put it on official repo . 

So when it will be available i send to you a message so you can try this update and check if now all is ok .



Hi Roberto, 

Thanks for looking at this! It is appreciated.

I look forward to the update when ready.



Hi Stuart,

we put online new update , now you can upload the OktoQuad version with mission planner .

Check if now work and then send to me your feedback 



Thanks Roberto. I will try and have a go later this evening. I will update once done. Cheers. Stu

Hi :)

I havent done a full test yet, but I have uploaded the firmware, during the upload one of the rear motors was twitching and briefly spinning which is new :), once finished I did a motor test and all 8 motors spin.

I have family over for a few days so may not be able to do a full test, but I will update once I have!

Thanks for looking at this so quickly!

May I ask what the version of the firmware is? Is spline supported in this version yet? No worries if not just curious to try it. I ask as the version number in mission planner doesn;t seem to have increased, I guess because it doesn't know it's updating a uBrain until after you click the button.


A little update...I have tested on the bench using the transmitter now and lifting/tilting the frame by hand (no props) and all looks good so far.

Hopefully it will be ready for first flight as an x8 at the weekend :).

Great News ,

your is the first okta with micro brain that i know :) Send a picture of your drone  please :)





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