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Dear Friends,

in these day i'm working on support of i2c ESC like a microkopter or VR i2C ESC.

So I'm doing a lot of test and check different situation on different configuration.

At this point i'm testing in flight my quad with VR I2C ESC .

There're some suggestions about the connection of i2c ESC as slave.


1) Connect the ESC using a series of 100 ohm resistor .

2) Using pullup of 4.7 k between the vdd and SDA and SCL pin .

3) For testing oly one esc is important that there'isnt the delay between the power up of esc and send first command to it.


If you using only one esc i see that is important to add in the hardware library in i2c.c the i2c_start_condition() and i2c_stop_condition() on the bus so the MP32 ignore the current status of the bus.


Other suggestion about i2c is welcome :)



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