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Multipilot 2.0 - AP32 Building Log realtime update. The next gen cpu for your Arducopter.

Hello everyone,
a year and a half ago came Multipilot 1.0 an inertial platform for applications and semi-professional hobby. After the excellent results obtained from the marketing of these cards, and participation in development projects as open source and Aeroquad Arducopter and 'born community.
Today our community is proud to present the evolution of our project: Multipilot 2.0 ST.

The characteristics of Multipilot 2.0 are:

  • Hardware:
    • ARM7  Cortex-M3 processor STM32F103VET6. 72 Mhz
    • Flash 512 Kbytes RAM 64 Kbytes
    • 16-bit Timer 4
    • SPI 2 (ADC Interface, MicroSD connection)
    • I ² C 2 (First I2C (sensor), Second I2C control until ESC 12)
    • USART 5 (GPS, DEBUG Console, XBee Pro Telemetry)
    • USB 1 (Upload Firmware, Debug Console, Power Board for Debug)
    • CAN 1 (Interconnection with Professional ESC 1 Mbit update rate)
    • 6 PWM Output Bit 16 (ESC / Servo Control)
    • 8 PWM Input 16 Bit (RC Input Channel, accept PPM SUM)
    • 8 Analog Input 12 Bit.
    • Professional 4 layers PCB.
    • DC: DC 30 V (6s Lipo): 5 volts and 3.3 volts
  • Sensor Board:
    • Diydrones OilPan . (High quality entry level board)
    • LN Professional Sensor Board: 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Magnetometer , 10 HZ Gps ,   High Quality Sensor for certify professional application.
  • IDE and Development tools:
    • Arduino IDE.
    • Arm GCC Toolchain.
    • Fully compatible with arduino wiring language.
  • Firmware:
    • On this platform will be available a lot of RC library developed by Virtualrobotix and Diydrones community.
    • Standard software will be an improved revision of Arducopter , Ardupilot , Multiwii , Aeroquad . The first revision of code will be Arducopter NG .
    • MultiFox Rev 4 special  Arm Edition.
  • Special Feature :
    • Multipilot 2.0 is fully compatible with ArduPilotMega DiyDrones Board.
    • OEM revision of Multipilot 2.0 available.


Thanks to Sandro for His Beautifull Renders of Multipilot 2.0

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Yeahhhh MP32 WORK FINE !!! All sensor are tested ...


Press: 100085 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:103.751526
Press: 100077 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:104.422668
Press: 100076 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:104.507217
Press: 100078 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:104.340752
Press: 100073 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:104.760880
Press: 100073 Temp: 26.500000  Altitude:104.760880

Yesterday i solve , magnetometer today i solved Barometer ... All Work Fine !!!

VRIDE V.0.0.3 will be available in the next days :)


Woohooo! Congratulations Roberto! =)

Thanks Sandro :)

Did you recived your board ?



Not yet. Sometimes those delays happen on clearance.

I'm waiting like a child trying to sleep on Xmas night. hahaha

Dear Friends,

in these days Iàm working on i2c sensor driver and i success test : Barometer , magnetometer , gyro now i need to finish some accelerometer and wmp gyro.

Now I retake the APM_RC library and implement the standard radio rx multi channel .. i yet implement it , but i found a bug on libmaple library .. when i try to manage more than 4 interrupt togheter ... I hope to solve it in some days.

Best and Good Night


Dear Friends,

I solved the problem on input rc channel . Now we manage 6 indipendent channel without any problem , so don't need to use a PPM SUM reciver but a stanard radio reciver.



Dear Friends,

today i upload last revision  of VRIDE 0.0.3 , i patch some low level lib, librariers ,example.

This revision is better of old one.

Check it and reply me with your feedback.



Great News for my ArduPirates Friends,

today i released the first revision of ArduPiratesNG32 .

This is the link where you can download a Multipilot32 revision of code with library necessaries for use it .

Actualy i don't yet tested magnetometer and gps , but in the next days i think to finish the test .



I would like to use a RC receiver that does not have ppm sum output.

Do I need to buy a ppm sum converter from DIY Drones store?

On the new revision of library you don't need PPM SUM radio , the standard receiver is ok :)



Is the new revision of library in the latest VRIDE 0.0.3 ?

When I program and run MP32_radio.pde with VRIDE 0.0.3 environment, all I see on the serial port window is: "ArduPilot 32 RC library test".

Outputs from receiver are connected to JP4_1, JP4_2,  JP4_3 and JP4_4.

I am able to see pulses from receiver on an oscilloscope.

Hi Richard,

check if your example is on Serial1 or on Serial3 , if is on Serial1 you need to change to Serial3 and debug the board  from serial3.





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