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Multipilot 2.0 - AP32 Building Log realtime update. The next gen cpu for your Arducopter.

Hello everyone,
a year and a half ago came Multipilot 1.0 an inertial platform for applications and semi-professional hobby. After the excellent results obtained from the marketing of these cards, and participation in development projects as open source and Aeroquad Arducopter and 'born community.
Today our community is proud to present the evolution of our project: Multipilot 2.0 ST.

The characteristics of Multipilot 2.0 are:

  • Hardware:
    • ARM7  Cortex-M3 processor STM32F103VET6. 72 Mhz
    • Flash 512 Kbytes RAM 64 Kbytes
    • 16-bit Timer 4
    • SPI 2 (ADC Interface, MicroSD connection)
    • I ² C 2 (First I2C (sensor), Second I2C control until ESC 12)
    • USART 5 (GPS, DEBUG Console, XBee Pro Telemetry)
    • USB 1 (Upload Firmware, Debug Console, Power Board for Debug)
    • CAN 1 (Interconnection with Professional ESC 1 Mbit update rate)
    • 6 PWM Output Bit 16 (ESC / Servo Control)
    • 8 PWM Input 16 Bit (RC Input Channel, accept PPM SUM)
    • 8 Analog Input 12 Bit.
    • Professional 4 layers PCB.
    • DC: DC 30 V (6s Lipo): 5 volts and 3.3 volts
  • Sensor Board:
    • Diydrones OilPan . (High quality entry level board)
    • LN Professional Sensor Board: 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Magnetometer , 10 HZ Gps ,   High Quality Sensor for certify professional application.
  • IDE and Development tools:
    • Arduino IDE.
    • Arm GCC Toolchain.
    • Fully compatible with arduino wiring language.
  • Firmware:
    • On this platform will be available a lot of RC library developed by Virtualrobotix and Diydrones community.
    • Standard software will be an improved revision of Arducopter , Ardupilot , Multiwii , Aeroquad . The first revision of code will be Arducopter NG .
    • MultiFox Rev 4 special  Arm Edition.
  • Special Feature :
    • Multipilot 2.0 is fully compatible with ArduPilotMega DiyDrones Board.
    • OEM revision of Multipilot 2.0 available.


Thanks to Sandro for His Beautifull Renders of Multipilot 2.0

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Today i upload also the 64  bit dfu driver for Windows 7.

Thanks to Giovanni Esposito for the porting of driver and Frank for the small tutorial.

For download it go here :

Project Update !!!

Dear Friends,

in last two months we're working to new lib for MP32FXV3 Board, add new Add Navi and new sensor . We're doing a huge work on library .At the end of our work you can use last revision of APM library on arm ,too

There is a great news , after more of 2 years of experience on ST Arm micro we decide to implement our Virtualrobotix.h Class . We're porting all low level platform on this new architecture the main advantages is that low level lib will be Standard ST Lib. The Virtualrobotix.h will be available in 1-2 month for developer . If some one is interest to join development contact me.

Another great news is that we decide to support also STM32L1 micro controller on MP32L1V3 Board.

This micro consumption is 234 micro amp / mhz . That is very good for app that need a micro with a very low power . For example if you want develop a sail robot that going around the world only with a small pv for energy that is right product for you ... :)



Hi Roberto,

great news, seeing the project proceeding.

When will the rest of us have the chance to oder MP32F4 including MPU6000?

Best wishes and thanks to all supporting this project


Dear Firends,

in these week we release last revision of code for Multipilot32F1V1 and V3 . The revision is 2.6.x on the main page of  virtualrobotix is possible to see the fly test doing by EMILE , Thanks Emile.

Today we solve also another small bug on Roll cam pin. So now is possible to use the camera controll also with ppm standard radio not on ppm_sum.


Roberto Navoni

New VRIDE and Firmware for MP32F1 + VRIMU Full available on Repository

I test in flight alt hold and loiter. Now i open a new thread on Forum about testing of automatic functionality of quad. So the user can share some suggestions about the setup.



Hi Navoni, 

can you sum up all the improvements done to the MP32F1

and please say what is the latest status of this project

what firmwares do I have for this pilot

can I use the USB bootloader

can I use Ardupilot V3.0.1 , with there HAL support

Hi Itay,

on multipilor32 repo you can found last revision of code ported on MP32F1

The last revision ported to MP32F1 was rev 2.9.1rc2 last version code was doing in april.

So the rev 3.0.x ap_hal is not yet ported to MP32F1 . It' available for MP32F4 and VRBrain.

So the main advantages on new board are better sensor and a lot of more power available.

The usb bootloader is available for MP32F1 and Eclipse code is yet support bootloader.

Check last code available and if you need more info i'm here.



Is there any other code, or the only code you use is the ardupilot code

Do you have your own flight control code?

Hi Itay ,

we are official developer of Arducopter project , the main difference is that we working on arm platform an not on arduino.

A member of our community Stefan ported the TauLabs code on VRBrain , so vrbrain support arducopter and taulab project at the moment.




I am starting to understand .

You got to know that these basic questions are questions every newbie will ask.

I think you should put a page with general explanation about the project it's objectives , and it's current status.

It feels like if you want to understand you need to go all over the forum and pick pieces of information . to get the BIG picture.

pls, put the big picture , and then everyone will look for the small piece he needs, not the other way around


Hi , 

what is the place to publish basic questions , or for troubleshooting 

I have both VBRAIN , ans multipilot32F1

both nonoperative, and I starting to get frustrated

feels like it was a mistake buying those platforms !!

wished I both the PX4 instead

Hi Itay,

here you can found info about vrbrain

normally i help user live by skype ... if don't found info in website or wordpress ... the skype account is :


Normally i use teamviewer for help user and support it live :)

About the eclipse build ... it's right the hex file is what you need for update the code.

Add me to your skype account.





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