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Multipilot 2.0 - AP32 Building Log realtime update. The next gen cpu for your Arducopter.

Hello everyone,
a year and a half ago came Multipilot 1.0 an inertial platform for applications and semi-professional hobby. After the excellent results obtained from the marketing of these cards, and participation in development projects as open source and Aeroquad Arducopter and 'born community.
Today our community is proud to present the evolution of our project: Multipilot 2.0 ST.

The characteristics of Multipilot 2.0 are:

  • Hardware:
    • ARM7  Cortex-M3 processor STM32F103VET6. 72 Mhz
    • Flash 512 Kbytes RAM 64 Kbytes
    • 16-bit Timer 4
    • SPI 2 (ADC Interface, MicroSD connection)
    • I ² C 2 (First I2C (sensor), Second I2C control until ESC 12)
    • USART 5 (GPS, DEBUG Console, XBee Pro Telemetry)
    • USB 1 (Upload Firmware, Debug Console, Power Board for Debug)
    • CAN 1 (Interconnection with Professional ESC 1 Mbit update rate)
    • 6 PWM Output Bit 16 (ESC / Servo Control)
    • 8 PWM Input 16 Bit (RC Input Channel, accept PPM SUM)
    • 8 Analog Input 12 Bit.
    • Professional 4 layers PCB.
    • DC: DC 30 V (6s Lipo): 5 volts and 3.3 volts
  • Sensor Board:
    • Diydrones OilPan . (High quality entry level board)
    • LN Professional Sensor Board: 3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Magnetometer , 10 HZ Gps ,   High Quality Sensor for certify professional application.
  • IDE and Development tools:
    • Arduino IDE.
    • Arm GCC Toolchain.
    • Fully compatible with arduino wiring language.
  • Firmware:
    • On this platform will be available a lot of RC library developed by Virtualrobotix and Diydrones community.
    • Standard software will be an improved revision of Arducopter , Ardupilot , Multiwii , Aeroquad . The first revision of code will be Arducopter NG .
    • MultiFox Rev 4 special  Arm Edition.
  • Special Feature :
    • Multipilot 2.0 is fully compatible with ArduPilotMega DiyDrones Board.
    • OEM revision of Multipilot 2.0 available.


Thanks to Sandro for His Beautifull Renders of Multipilot 2.0

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Hi Spartacus,

with your work around how many channel is available ?  So When we developed Multipilot32 , our idea was to solve the problem of entry level application where end user need to use a standard rx reciver and not 1 wire ppm sum or  Sbus reciver. So I thought that 6 / 7 channel could be enaugh for standard application . I think that if we use every input port as multi channel PPM SUM input we potentialy have a lot of input channel available .. until 6 x 12 .. a lot ;) Could be interesting to improve the PPM SUM with last patch of Thomas , so is more stable respect of my first revision and extend it to more channel .

Have more channel is interesting for using more of 1 reciver for backup and also for control camera on pitch and roll and also on shutter , focus etc , using radio as input and Arducam as output ... ;)


Hi Elisa,

I enjoyed your idea of controlling a camera through ArduCam by using an extra RC.

That would be really nice! ;)

ArduCam OSD is now being integrated with MAVLink protocol. So you could even send those extra RC commands plus telemetry data to it. By the way, do you pretend to use MAVLink protocol or a custom one to GCS communication?



Hi Elisa,

With the MP32 design, the CH4 ( JP4-4 PE14) and CH7 (JP4-7 PD14) are mapped on the same interruption.

So for RC decoding based on interruption, one of this channel could not be used.
For example if you use CH7 for a swith you are able to decode 7 channels (CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4,CH5,CH6,CH8)

If you use PPM SUM on each one, yes that makes a lot of available inputs.
I think that there is no radio able to generate so much channels ! :=)

In this case you have to use a computer and in this case probably, there are other alternatives like telemetry and enhance protocols.

My 2 cts,
Ave from Spartacus !

Dear Friends,

some news and updates from our Labs , after the solution of i2c high speed sensor reading , today i see other interesting update work fine , at the moment we're working on 2 task :

  1. VRide 0.0.4 that will support usb firmware upload and the upgrade of i2c for fast reading of compass and barometer.
  2. Developing VRIMU lib for compass , magnetometer , gps and doing flying test.
  3. Porting of Arducopter 2.0 to MP32 , the new name will be ArmCopter 32 Do you like it ? Other proposal ? This second task are involved now we're working on lib and try to solve a lot of worning message that we found during compilation.

So for the first task today i see the ArducopterNG 32 uploaded and working fine after we uploaded it on board , that is good so you can use standard usb cable for uploading your code on MP32 . And use serial adapter only for test telemetry or other serial port available. At the moment is not yet available the serial on usb . Diego A. of our lab working on this task.

For the second task I start to doing some fly test and the sensor board work fine , barometer and gps work fine , i only to finish the test on new compass HMC 5883 , Fabio Varesano help me to understand the difference between the 5843 and 5883. Thanks Fabio.

On AC20 are working Matteo M. another eng of our labs , I hope to see some result for the next week .

For more info about our labs :




Hi, Roberto very nice!

I like the name ArmCopter 32. By the way, do you have some I2C code for me that I can use the I2C BL motor controller from Microcopter?

Thanks a lot.

Yes I'm yet write a lib but i not yet tested .. if you want you can check if the code work fine .. i can send it to you.



Thanks, Roberto, you may send it to:


Roberto, VRIMU is totally awesome.

I saw your last fly test. Very impressive.

And it have a nice all-in-one board shape!



Hi Roberto,

Here some thoughts about the naming of ported software.In my opinion the main problem of open source often is the branch of software versions and the resulting name chaos,
which is realy confusing for beginners. 

There area ArduCoper, ArduCopterRC ArduCopter 2.0,ArduPirate>ArduCopter NG and now the MegaPirate beta.
Porting ArduCopter NG to MP32 will have as result ArduCopter NG 32 which is transparent and easy to understand.

Now we get the ArduCopter 2.0, but 'ArduCopter 2.0 32' will not very awesome.
If we replace 'ArduCopter 2.0 32' with ArmCopter 32 it sounds very nice, but there will be a new name that can confuse the people out there.

The other problem is the (some day) comming release ArduCopter 2.5, so what will be the equivalent name for ArmCopter 32 ?

My idea is:
The ArduCopter at first was a ArduCopter Mega, because it's based on the MegaBoard,
so what's about a ArduCopterMP 2.0 

I think the advantage of the MP32 is that ArduCopter is now scalable. You can start with cheap ArduCopterMega 8 Bit, become infected with copter obsession, replace the ardumega with a MP32 and maybe buy some day an improved IMU, always with the safety that you are using the 'same'  ArduCopter Software.


Hi All,

I propose MP32Copter 2.0 as this is the port of Arducopter 2.0 in MP32 !

My 2 cts,

Dear Friends,
yesterday i upload two new release of ide for Multipilot32 , VRIde 0.0.4 (beta) and VRIde (alpha)
The VRIde 0.0.4 add the support for upload the code by the usb.
Before to use this function you need to upload on board the bootloader .
After the bootloader is available is  possible to upload the code by usb.

We're preparing a tutorial for upload the bootloader and use it . If someone are interesting to test it contact me by skype.
In VRIde i add new library for support the porting of Arducopter 2.0 , in the .rar is available ide , preinstalled library and AC 2.0 firmware.
This revision of firmware is not yet tested and need some upgrade to fly but now i can compile it and produce bin for multipilot32.

Dear Friends,

in these days i'm working on usb bootloader , now work fine , yesterday i put a last update of library to code repository. I finish to implement the lib for vrimu , now i need to calibrate the magnetometer 5883 so i can start to test the vrimu with gps hold and altitude hold functionality.

I put the last update of Jeti support on APM_RC_i2c library and put inside also the lib for i2c.

I try to test it , but for some reason i don't see movment on  motor connected to i2c esc. I need oscilloscope to check the problem. Tomorrow i going to lab and take it.

After i finish the i2c support on lib i start to work on Arducopter 2.0 test.

Some news about your copter ? I saw the Thomas quad first flight . I'm happy to see your first success story ;)






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