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Open debate of how should we continue with future electronics. Do we still continue with ATMega644 based boards or ARM based or even AtXMega based chips.

atXmega 128A1 gives a lot more for us and doubles the frequency. With ARM Cortex we can go even to 120 Mhz clock speeds.

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Hi Jani,
so my idea is to support different kind of micro with that can use the same lib / framework for develop the application ... actualy in my company we support different kind of platform : Avr 8 Bit micro controller , Arm 7 SAM7257 , Arm9 Atmel 263 , ARM11 SAMSUNG 6410.
The first two platform don't have an operating systems , instead the second one support linux and is possible to port VXWorks.
So my idea is to work to an a framework of lib with the standard call for any kind of platform that we would support. For develop this kind of library is possible to use standard driver of that platform and develop a wrapper for it .

The other approach is for IMU electronics and ADDON : in the last version of APM is used A/D converter that support SPI BUS to ad converter is connected all sensor Gyro / ACC ecc ecc. This is an a good approch for have same electronic on different platform : SPI is supported on all different kind of target. So you can invest for 1 electronic avaible for different CPU and can develop a framework of lib that support different target.

This is my idea of this approach . So I would to start the test of this kind of approch with arm7 and arm11 micro and evaluate the avaible performance on this 2 different target.



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