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am actually waiting release of mini telemetry option to buy vrmicrobrain and ublox8 solution.

It will be used on a flywing wing (FX79). I just wonder one question : is it possible to connect a pitot airspeed sensor to vrmicrobrain ?



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Hi Oliver,

yes is possible , we have develop a special version of code that permit to use vr micro brain with plane and add until 3 analog input : 1 for airspeed , other for current and other for second battery .

Small but powerfull :)



thanks for your answer Roberto.

What about range of mini telemetry ? is it something around 1-2km ?

Hi Roberto,

I am also interested in airspeed as I want to use my Micro VR Brain on a flying wing. Do you have a link to the code or binary that allows the use of an airspeed sensor?

I would prefer the use the digital airspeed sensor via an I2C splitter as with the PixHawk, is that possible? If not, analog airspeed is ok. Please let me know how I can connect either one. 

Hi Roberto,

Am actually in your facebook friends but i think it is better to ask question here, somehow more productive.

I actually have pixhawk but i am still interest by vrubrain platform because it is smaller ;-)

I have 2 questions :

- Is it possible to easily connect a digital speed sensor on the microbrain ? (on pixhawk, we just plug I2c splitter on I2c port) 

-How to connect rc servos ? (i use a wing so i need to plug at least 2 servos for elevons). On video i do see how you plug esc for multicopter but i am confused how to plug servos.



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