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Here is my second support request:

Since the uBrain came with AC3.2-rc2, I wanted to update with rc7 .

The MP (recent version) shows this :

This is probably no problem, since I downloaded the recent (complete) package from VR and I can upload custom FW via MP onto the uBrain.

Question is , since the MP takes .hex files and .vrx and both are offered @ by the VR FW package...which one to choose, v51.hex or v51.vrx ?

I don´t want to end up exploring JTAG abilities ;-)

Thx for help !

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Now -rc9 is out and contains a FRAM bugfix.

1) FRAM bug fix that could stop Mission or Parameter changes from being saved (Pixhawk, VRBrain only)

Question: Do this fix apply to the uBrain as well ?

Now the upload topic is solved. I was able to take it out of the VRX_binary-master and used the .vrx file.

But its much better now, since emile announced, that the recent sum rx version (-rc9) is hidden behind the 3.15 button. Thx. This is far more comfortable, since I am used to do every beta (stable).

Tested -rc9 with uBrain @ F450. LOITER,ALT,STAB,LAND work w/o recognizable issues. Small ALT jump, at the moment when EKF is turned on, but not scary, maintains height perfectly.  Thx.

Hi Gervais,

I'm happy that you test EKF and all work fine :) 

About rc9 the first revision was compiled without sbus support , now we solve it and re include it .



Hi Roberto, EKF was the main reason, I prefer the uBrain over the Mini Versions of the APM. I am pretty sure that this great step ahead will be a standard pretty soon and bury other platforms not being able to handle . SBUS is important as well.Thx.

Is it possible to continue placing the recent rc Versions of AC3.2 behind the AC3.15 Button @ Mission Planner ? Since rc10 came out,that would be a great service.

Thx !


3.2 rc10 is online with APM mission planner. I had some success with my Vr Brain 4.5 but no way to do it via APM mission planner with my µBrain. I had to download firmware archive and make a DFU file for dFuse demo to upload firmware.

My µBrain is really USB twitchy. 


Thx Marc , it worked for me , I already did the upolad to ubrain with MP yesterday night and tried it this morning , which wasn´t too lucky though, probably due to bad GPS reception.

Concerning USB , I´ll have to find someone for soldering some very thin wires to a naked USB plug for extension, because I almost rip of my vib damping when I try to reach the uBrain USB plug, hidden between my centerplates. It won´t survive too many log downloads ;-)

-rc10 now works well as well as the -rc9 did. It wasn´t GPS reception...My MAG calibration has been messed up, and -rc10 requires reboot after flash.. I´m not sure about different EKF behavior. Switching between DCM / EKF still causes slight ALT / YAW changes. But not really scary. I have to play a little bit with EKF params. Overall: Usable!



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